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Valentines With Heart

Some people feel that Valentine’s Day is really a cheap marketing ploy to get consumers to spend money during an otherwise quiet lull in consumerism. I happen to like Valentine’s Day. It highlights my favorite colours (red and fuschia), it gives a little silly mock-holiday to an otherwise chilly nothing-else-going-on month, and it is about luv. But for all those skeptics out there, we have a special Valentines card that is full of heart. Love, Me Boutique is happy that we are able to help local youngster Jakob Conrad and his Valentines fundraiser by selling his Twoonies for Toubabs postcard Valentines.

Jakob is ten years old. Last year he joined his Mom on a work trip to Gambia, in West Africa. Wanting to do something for the people of Gambia, Jakob created a Valentines Day themed postcard to sell whose profits could be delivered by Jakob himself on his trip to the Nova Scotia Gambia Association in Gambia. His organization Twoonies for Toubabs raised $3,000 in cards last year. On a mission again this year to raise money for this organization, Jakob has been hard at work packaging up valentines and promoting his cause.

Love, Me Boutique is a proud to help out Jakob and Twoonies for Toubabs by selling his Valentine postcards from now until Valentine’s Day.

$2 for a single card or a pack of six for $10.

Need a bit more heart warmth? Check out this slideshow of Jakob’s trip to the Gambia set to an interview of Jakob and CBC’s Shelagh Rogers.




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Holiday Gift Guide – Wee Girl

Pretty Little Treats for Tiny Wee Sweeties

Smitten Dress – Local eco-crafter Twice Upon a Time upcycles gently/hardly used kids clothing with her embroidery magic. This red cordoroy smitten dress is only one of much Twice Upon a Time adorableness. This one 4T. $55

Felt Cloud Mobile – If only it rained in pretty felty rainbows! These happy mobiles are locally made and come in a regular and mini size. $24/$18

Sweater Dress/Tunic/Vest – Another line of smart eco crafter Momma goodness! This gorgeous soft woolen sweater dress is meant to transition from dress, to tunic, to vest. Made in Tatamagouche. This one 12-18 months. $30

Woodland Owl Stuffie – This felted sweater Woodland Wool critter is great for cuddles and interactive play as well as decorating any corner of the house. $30

Retro Cat Stuffie – Every little girl that visits our shop has big love for these super cuddly Fabricawakuwaku kitties. Vintage fabric make these quirky cats so rad and add cheer to any space.

Framed Paper Art -Truro artist Abounding Treasures frames up sweet vintage classic book cut-outs. This whale assemblage is from Enid Blyton’s Noddy Series. $79-89

Framed Paper Bird Collage -You most likely know her as a superstar singer, but Meaghan Smith is also one crafty lady! This lovely paper bird collage on canvas is set in a handmade wooden frame (also made by Meaghan).

Leg Warmers – Local sewing talent Leesa Hamilton makes the cutest leg warmers for us. I love that her leg warmers can then become arm warmers as the wee one becomes less wee. Available in a variety of colours, thicknesses, and lengths.

Halifax Holiday Home Decorations – One would think that a Holiday decoration is not necessarily a “fun” kid gift but I assure you, any young one will enjoy these wooden houses. Kids love to set them up and interact with them. (And if you are my son, you pack them up in a bag and cart them around the house and rearrange them in unusual places while my daughter brings out her set of worry dolls and has them interact with our village of homes.) $6

Circle Garland – Mixed printed fabric circle garland could be used to doll up any room.  It also make a sweet present topper or stocking stuffer.


WORTH MENTIONING: If something in this guide appeals to you but you are not local, call or email. Many of the items we carry are truly one-of-a-kind. But don’t fret – you, me & Canada Post can make dents in that list!

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Tis the Season…

Happy December – a month of carols, mistletoe, and merriment. (And in our house a birthday! Our littlest turns two on December 24th. Any of our last minute shoppers will remember THAT year?)

Do you know any babies born or tbb (to be born) this holiday season? I ask because Twice Upon a Time artisan Amanda Langley just dropped off these adorable onesies that are the perfect gift for a newbie. She embroidered this cutie little saying on an organic onesie so it is not only adorable but soft & eco.

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One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Little Fish.

June is Oceans Month. 

Here’s a mind blowing thought: “80% of all the life on Earth is to be found hidden beneath the waves and this vast global ocean pulses around our world driving the natural forces which maintain life on our planet.” (source) And “80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities.” (source)

One of main threats to this ecosystem is plastics.


Whoa baby!

Speaking of babies, did you know what cute little wee kiddos, a local company and plastics in oceans have something in common? Little Fish!

Little Fish is a clothing line developped by Amanda Langely of Twice Upon a Time Clothing. Amanda’s mandate for both her clothing lines is to update previously owned baby and small children’s fashions with her embroidered patches and appliques. Little Fish is a specific line which is ocean inspired commissioned by a local education company called Oceans Wild.

Other than cute appliques of sea life or heart patches emblazoned with the word ocean on them, Little Fish is raising awareness about the plastics in our ocean by having a plastic drink ring attached to each garment. A customer will need to snip the plastic ring in order to remove it from the clothing. (Drink rings floating in the ocean get caught easily around the snouts, beaks, mouths of many sea creatures.)

Do you heart the ocean too? The Little Fish heart ocean patches will fit anyone – wee or not! The patches are $6 or if you bring in 6 plastic rings during the month of June, you can get a free Ocean patch.

And if you are a teacher or group leader, consider having Oceans Wild come speak to your group of youngsters about our oceans. They are a little (and local) education company with a big message.

Good links regarding this matter:

World Wildlife Foundation

David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki blog “Life Less Plastic”


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Miss Happy Crafter

Here is something funny I discovered when I first became a Mom – even if I went shopping for me, I gravitated toward kids things. Buying for the kids became increasingly easier than buying for me. And from what I understand from other moms, that sentiment is pretty much a standard across the board. And it is usually supported with “because the baby/kid stuff is soooo cute!”

Well our newest line is no exception. Twice Upon a Time is the upcycling crafty workings of a Halifax mom. Amanda Langley embellishes gently used onesies and suits with embroidered & (sweater) felted “name plates” like “Mr. Happy” “Little Miss Sunshine” and my personal favorite “Mr. Tickle”.


Twice Upon a Time’s pre-loved fashion line for wee ones allows kids the opportunity to have cutie patootie one of a kind fashions at an affordable price with an earth saving kickback. NICE! Shopping for kidlets made easy.

Oh! and with all her excess sweater felty bits and reused buttons, Langley makes little flower “bloom” pins/brooches to add to any little gals coat or sweater.

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Job Love

I love what I do. I love being an independent business owner. I love creating a shop of great handmade goods. I love helping customers find exactly what they need or want. It is all good stuff. But I really love when I am able to open a door for a young artist and allow him/her an opportunity to showcase their goods.

Last week one of Halifax’s fabulously talented painters, Kyle Jackson, came into the shop with his 16 year old daughter Lily. Lily is everything awesome about being 16 – full of promise, hope, and enthusiasm with just the right sprinkling of edge and coolness. Well, Lily received a sewing machine for Christmas and has been creating little owly bird creatures for her friends out of her old tee shirts and other fabric remnants. She was in to see me to see if she could take her hobby to the next level.

I loved Lily and owls right away – fun, silly, colourful, charming, and awkward.

Lily’s owls have pockets!

As Lily and her dad left the shop, I could see them high-five outside the shop. And then he ruffled her hair. Seeing that moment reaffirmed that I LOVE what I do.

Other notes: 1. Kyle Jackson has some very fun folk-art love horns here at the shop. They are a super awesome affordable sculptural artwork perfect for any home or business. (Jane’s on the Commons has one!) and 2. Lily’s awkward owls are photographed in front of local gal Sharken Design’s vintage and reclaimed cotton baby quilts.

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Baby Baby Oh Baby

I am days away from being an auntie for the first time. OH BABY! I can’t wait. Sure I am a proud momma but I can’t wait to be an (ehem..the coolest) aunt. So while I await news, I contemplate all things kid. Currently in our fall forest display we have the most awesome onesies. Moon and Sparrow is a line of goodies by artist Sandra Dumais. All clothing is made from %100 Organic Indian Cotton and hand printed in Montreal using veggie based inks. Her prints of a fox (le renard) and beaver (le castor) are so frickin’ adorable.

Do you have a baby gift in your future? You might also want to consider the awesome locally made quilts by Sharken Designs. These patchwork quilts are made with vintage and reappreciated fabrics and unbleached flannel. They make a great snuggle or play quilt.

And finally I just must tell you about a recent crazy cool contribution to Love, Me: the Moss Hollow Fairy House. So you all know Meaghan Smith the musician, right? (If you don’t, get thy self to a CD store immediately and pick up The Cricket’s Orchestra. Or at the very least check out her site.) What you may not know is that Meaghan’s talents extend beyond the stage/recording studio. She is a gifted maker – making art and crafting goodies like purty purses (available at Love, Me as well) and the Moss Hollow Fairy House.

Moss Hollow Fairy House is made of natural treasures from around Halifax – moss, bark, pinecones, beachglass, shells, rocks – and filled with adorable accessories like acorn bowls, a tiny leather bound book, a small twig broom, twig and wood furniture, and it lights up with, yup, fairy lights! Two porcelain fairies included. Seriously – this little piece of whimsy would sweeten any little girls heart. (Or boy. The day Meaghan brought it in, there was a nice gentleman of about 28ish who was completely in awe of this piece. So…it’s not just for the gals.) Come in and see it in person.

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