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The World is a Giant Teacup

So…this just might be the hardest blog post I have ever had to write.

After almost five years of following through on a dream, I have decided to close Love, Me. This past Spring I made the decision to not resign this lease and to move locations. But…as other that search began to prove unfruitful, and an offer to sublet my current lease came up, I jumped on it. It was/is a crazy fast decision that felt really quite perfect.

Love, Me Boutique will be closed to the public at 5pm on Saturday, June 23.

I want to take a brief moment and thank each and every one of you who has made an impact on the store and my experience as a shop owner. Every chat, every smile, every “ooh” and “ahh”, every “this store is the best!”, every “I brought you a coffee/cupcake/cookie/muffin to keep you going” – it has made this part of my life memorable. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your days, your self-treats, your special gifting strategies for loved ones. The part I will miss the most is chatting with you all – hearing about your kids antics, your plans for the holidays, or what you are working on next. I loved sharing stories with you. Thank you.

So what of Love, Me now? My plan is to take the summer to hang out with my kids. Having two young children and running a business solo is…busy. (HA! Busyness.)  I am going to enjoy my kids and the summer and then re-evaluate in the fall. For now I am moving items back to their artist owners and selling off props and some stock,  and looking forward to a new adventure – the World is my Tea Cup Adventure.

So come by (until the 23rd), say “see you later” (not goodbye), and stock up on some gift items for the gift closet. (You DO have a gift closet, don’t you?) Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter for any other additional news.






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When you are on a sidestreet

When you are on a sidestreet and on a budget, youz gots to be creative in your marketing.

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Before I announce the winners to our 1234 Birthday Contest,  I want to thank you all for commenting, posting, tweeting, liking, signing up, and just loving up Love, Me  in general.

And… Now…(that is said in the most perfect deep & smooth announcer voice imaginable BTW) to announce the winners.

The Tweeter who won the draw: @dragonflycraft

The Facebooker (?) who won the draw: Michelle Malette

The Blog Commentor who won the draw: Tanya (Tanya, I have no other way to get a hold of you so I trust you read the blog often?)

The Newsletter Subscriber who won the draw: Ceilidh S.

Each winner won four ten dollar Love, Me Dollars – one for them to use and three others so they can spread the love around to friends. Yah to spreading the love. The winnings are to be picked up in person during the store’s open hours and are not redeemable for cash, can not be used for tax, and will induce a mild spread of happy that could be contagious. Winners can pick up their prizes anytime after this Friday, October 21 (2011).

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1. 2. 3. 4. Tell Me That You Love Me More.

Many moons ago, when I was a wee early twenty-something, I toiled away for a year at a outdoor gear retail shop as a cashier and sometimes sales staffer, to save enough money to backpack through Europe. In every town I went to on my three month journey, I would inevitably find a shop that was unique and “spoke to me”. I would walk through it lingering over cool product, admiring decor and taking in the atmosphere. Then I would go outside and write notes or sketch in my journal. These compiled notes and drawings made up a grand image of the “one day dream of opening a shop”.

Fast forward to October 2007. With the help of some friends, I sat late into the morning of October 12th, pricing, arranging, and cleaning up my dream shop for its opening reveal the next day. The next morning I could hardly breathe as I got dressed. And when I finally turned the latch to “open”, I thought I was going to throw up.

This was my daughter playing the day I opened. She made herself right at home in the kids section.

October 14th, I celebrate my fourth birthday. And celebrate I will. I weathered some diverse storms here at the shop, including having a second baby. (I shake my head at that twentysomething me that envisioned her one day dream shop with a baby bassinet in the corner and herself managing to nurse, carry, nap a baby in a shop while at the same time manage to keep up with all the administrative, financial, marketing, product management tasks all with a warm soy latte in her hand. HA!) In these four years I have also grown exponentially. I have met lots of great new customers, other wonderful business owners, and engaged in some new and exciting projects. I have worked with some amazingly talented artists and crafters. I have learned some life lessons.

Scenes from my first birthday window.

So while this dream of opening a store has not been easy, it has been so very rewarding. And as I have just finished celebrating another Thanksgiving, I do give thanks.  I am thankful that I took a chance on that young girls dream and that so many of you share in it with your smiles, your enthusiasm, and your support (and yes, your purchases).

And now to celebrate. To celebrate, I am looking to share the love with you and those you love. I have FOUR main methods of communication: blog, newsletter, facebook, and twitter. For the next twentyFOUR hours, I will draw one “winner” from each communication source. Each winner will receive FOURty dollars of  Love, Me bucks split into ten dollar denominations – one for you and three so you can share the love with friends. Details below.

To win FOUR ten dollar Love, Me dollars you must do (at least) one of the following:

  • Leave a comment here in this blog post telling me what you love about handmade goods – purchased here, given to you or in general.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. That’s all.
  • Go to our Facebook Page. Like Us. And then leave a comment on the “post” about our birthday: “I love Love, Me Boutique” (and feel free to tell us why).
  • Follow Love, Me Boutique on Twitter. And then tweet “I love Canadian handmade and I love @LoveMeBoutique.”

1. One prize will be drawn from each of the FOUR entry points: comments to this blog post, new subscribers, Facebook Page birthday post comments, and Twitter tweets.

2. You don’t have to be local to win but we hope the three friends you share the love with are local. The idea is that we find more people to love and for you to share your love of us with people you think will love us back. It is one big love fest!!

3. Love, Me winnings will not be mailed out. They are to be picked up in house.

4. There is no minimum purchase necessary with this gift. Just $10 worth of Love, Me goodness. But these Love, Me dollars are NOT redeemable for cash. Oh – and they don’t count toward tax.

5. This contest runs for twentyFOUR hours. It begins October 12, 5pm and closes on the October 13 at 5pm.


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And away we go…. Introducing a new Love, Me collaboration – Heartweed

Almost as soon as I opened Love, Me Boutique with the mandate to sell and promote exclusively Canadian handmade goods, I have had some great opportunities to work with new emerging artisans in massaging, nurturing and launching their ideas, projects, and products not solely through my shop but into other like-minded stores across Canada and the United States. On a website not so far away, there was another woman who also was fostering creativity and developing a strong, supportive creative community. Over a coffee one winters day, Jessika Hepburn of Oh My Handmade Goodness & I began dreaming ourselves. What if we created something insightful, resourceful but also beautiful and inspiring? We began planting tiny seeds of ideas and hopes and dreams.

Those seeds began rooting. And growing.

And so today I am so very excited to announce the public launch of our new joint project which will be a dream in producing, not only for us, but hopefully for all creative dreamers and entrepreneurs everywhere!

Help us welcome Heartweed to the world!

Heartweed is the magazine creative entrepreneurs and artists have been waiting for (even if they don’t know it yet!). Heartweed is a beautiful online space – rich and juicy – but full of insight and inspiration and information. Heartweed is about sharing experiences and collecting stories. It is about providing engaging spaces for creatives to learn, share and inspire eachother.

Jessika & I are so excited to present the first issue in January 2012 full of interviews, studio tours, videos, tutorials and some of the most talented established and emerging artists in our community within Heartweed’s pages. Heartweed is beginning with six online issues, each with a focused topic (Dream It, Plant It, Weed It, Tend It, Flaunt It, Grow It) that follow the flow of beginning and building a creative business.

But it won’t stop there, the magazine is only half of it! The other half is the stuff dreams are made of. The Heartweed magazine will be available free to the public and our first issue will launch in January 2012. In addition to the magazine Studio Rose Flash is building a full website for subscribers that will allow creatives to connect with each other and get incredible bonus materials linked to the magazine content. Subscribers will be able to access peer support and mentorship, get feedback on their projects, and download the amazing extra material we will be offering. When subscribers read each issue of Heartweed they will be able to click through to access more content, talk about articles with other readers, find opportunities to have their work and story featured in our magazine +  so much more still planned.

We both love blogs and magazines but we want MORE. More engagement and interaction, more insight, more connection to the writers and their stories or the pieces featured. After reading something we want to talk about it and share  ideas with others. The Heartweed community will be that more.

Excited yet? Because I am so thrilled to start this new journey and hope all of you are along for the adventure.

This will not change the directive or mandate of Love, Me Boutique. I think Heartweed will enrich my vision for Love, Me just as my interactions at the store will enrich Heartweed. If you are a local supporter of the shop, nothing will change, except that I will be writing and dreaming and helping to create a bigger community which will make my heart sing.

So please join Jessika and I on Twitter and Facebook and by signing up for the Heartweed mailing list to be the first to know when our full site and first issue launch + get sneak peeks and special offers.  You can also be a part of our project from the beginning by purchasing advertising in our first issue! Find out all the juicy details and download our advertising info on the new page.

Together we will plant the seeds of our dreams and unearth the heart of a creative life. Are you with us?


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Creative Fires – Burn Baby Burn

Hello September. I am not sure how I feel about seeing you here in my calendar. I am not ready to mourn summer full-out and embrace fall but I am also open to your regularity and routine. But only somewhat. Kiddos are going back to school. Life will get more structured. And then soon enough we will be turning the calendar over to 2012.

Errrrrrrt? (Enter sound of a record needles drawn across vinyl.)

No wait! Stop! We still have some adventure left in us! We still have some energy! And zest! And desire! (and apparently a lot of exclaimation points.)

If Summer is the time to flake out and fill our energy stores, then Fall is the time to put those energy stores to use. And that means CREATE and let our creative fires burn.

Instead of chillaxin’ in those last weeks of Summer, Love, Me has been collaborating with some super cool creatives and produced two great new Creative Programs. Full details are available on our Events page. But here is a little overview.


If someone gave you a blank canvas and paint, what would you do? Would you hesitate? Would you think and think and think some more? Would you wait for the perfect image to inspire you? Would you feel intimidated? Would yearn to make your mark but feel too self-conscious and timid to even put down a stroke?


Don’t let that blank canvas hold you back from exploring colour, piling on the texture, and letting your inner artist out.

NOW is your chance to let your artistic fire burn brightly.

Join Love, Me Boutique in welcoming four diverse painters in a painting workshop series for beginners who are ready to move from desire to fire. Each one of our celebrated painters paints from a place of love and joy as well as having lots of techniques and skills. MAD SKILLZ YO!

But this workshop series is not about the skills. This series is about working with 4 amazing artists who are ready to walk you through the process of blank white intimidation to colourful transformation with each artist utilizing a different focus/theme (citylife, still life, figurative).

Join us for any of the four workshops or, for the full experience, all four (at a great discount). Each artist comes from different training, different techniques, and a different perspective to share.

Your fees include basic supplies to use during the workshop. (But feel free to bring your own. It is time to crack those jars of paint wide open!)

Artists: Kyle Jackson (September 16), Daina Deblette Scarola (September 23), Shelagh Duffett (September 30), Lindsay Hicks (October 7)

All workshops are Friday nights 6-8:30pm.

Workshop space is limited. Registration is required. To avoid disappointment register on-line here or in person at Love, Me Boutique. Payment is required in advance.


YOU love photography but you take the same photos over and over the same exact way.

YOU love your camera but you never really take it out except the odd family function.

YOU love meeting new like-minded people and having interesting experiences but you rarely step-out.

YOU like yummy fresh sweetly packaged lunches. No buts.

YOU are in need of a photographic adventure pronto!

Saturday, September 17, join photographer/painter/blogger/creative Shelagh Duffett and some new friends for a group photo adventure through the Public Gardens and the Spring Garden Road areas finishing with a packaged lunch (included). Shake off the sleepiness of summer. Rev up your creative eye. Get out and see your city through a new lens.

This adventure has a limited registration to provide a more intimate learning/sharing environment. To avoid disappointment, be sure not to delay in purchasing your ticket. Registration/tickets can be purchased online here or in person at the shop. Also be sure to check out the events page for FAQs related to this event.

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Love Me Fun Fact – We LOVE Canadian music

I have always loved music from the time I was little. With an older, cooler brother influencing my choices, I was the only kid in grade three listening to the Thompson Twins and Oingo Boingo. (Yes. I am a kid of the eighties.) For me, music is part of an overall shopping experience. In a shop presenting Canadian handmade goods, I think it is only fitting that our music mix mandate is only Canadian (and as much independent as I can get my paws on).

A big thank you to local Halifax band, Dog Day, for providing the soundtrack to this video. Get yourself some Dog Day. You won’t be sorry.

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