Once a week, you have an opportunity to purchase an on-line featured limited product. See below for more information.

Featured this week  (February 10 – February 17):

Mini Key Embroideries  $20

Available: 3 (one of each embroidery shown)

Shipping for this item anywhere in Canada $8.00

The key to your heart may or may not be for sale, but this week’s Friday Feature is definately available for purchase. Local embroidery artist Hello Pineapples created exact replicas of every key on our key wall. These beautiful tiny embroideries would be so gorgeous intermixed with other artworks or solo. Featured for on-line sale only are three of the series created by Hello Pineapples. 4.5″ diameter

Please let us know if you are interested in the left, center, or right (large skeleton) key.

How to purchase the Featured Item of the Week: The Featured Item of the Week is a limited edition item for on-line purchase (before hitting our bricks & mortar shelves if hitting them at all). There may be only one item available or a few “versions” of the featured item. For right now, purchases are made by email at lovemeboutique@eastlink.ca re: FIW. Just give us your phone number and we will call you during our business hours and to get your Visa or MC number.  

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