Oh Sweet! Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Valentine’s Day is one week away. I hope you have a few sweet ideas to sweep your sweetie off his/her feet. If you don’t, we have a couple of lovely ideas up our sleeve. (I am a big fan of playing up light puns and romantic goofiness during Valentines Day so bear with me.)

YOU WARM MY HEART – a Bread & Butter pottery heart mug says this perfectly. Extra special bonus? Add some hot chocolate & a small bottle of Kahlua with a gift certificate for breakfast in bed and your got yourself a winning gift.

I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND – Oh those Beatles made romance sound so simple. You want to hold her hand, but dude, at least let her wear some super warm and extra cute mittens because we are in Canada after all. Fiona Alice mittens are hand knit, lined for double warmth, and then gussied up with upcycled fox fur, wool herringbone, and wooden buttons. Extra special bonus? Slip an invitation for a skate date inside.

YOU GOT THE WRITE STUFF – Ah the power of the written word. A handbound leather journal is a thoughtful romantic gift for your writing/recording/journalling sweetheart. Extra special bonus? Inscribe the first page with a quote or personal note.

Jewellery is always a winner. We have lots of unique pieces to meet all kinds of jewellery styles. Come in and let us help you choose the perfect piece.

On top of all the fabulous gifts, every Valentine’s purchase will receive (while supplies last) these adorable handmade kraft paper stitched hearts filled with cinnamon hearts made by me!



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Trying Something New

New year. New ideas. This one is for our visitors from away, many of whom ask if we have an on-line store. I took this desire from our far-away friends and have started a Friday Featured page which will be introduce a limited on-line specialty item each Friday for one week only. We uploaded said page this morning with a beauty of a necklace perfect for the romantic at heart.To ensure you don’t miss any featured item cover all your basis by bookmarking the page, subscribing to the blog, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter which ever makes most sense to you. See you Fridays!

(Oh. You can stop by in person Tuesday through Saturday to see all the other lovely offerings too!)

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Valentines With Heart

Some people feel that Valentine’s Day is really a cheap marketing ploy to get consumers to spend money during an otherwise quiet lull in consumerism. I happen to like Valentine’s Day. It highlights my favorite colours (red and fuschia), it gives a little silly mock-holiday to an otherwise chilly nothing-else-going-on month, and it is about luv. But for all those skeptics out there, we have a special Valentines card that is full of heart. Love, Me Boutique is happy that we are able to help local youngster Jakob Conrad and his Valentines fundraiser by selling his Twoonies for Toubabs postcard Valentines.

Jakob is ten years old. Last year he joined his Mom on a work trip to Gambia, in West Africa. Wanting to do something for the people of Gambia, Jakob created a Valentines Day themed postcard to sell whose profits could be delivered by Jakob himself on his trip to the Nova Scotia Gambia Association in Gambia. His organization Twoonies for Toubabs raised $3,000 in cards last year. On a mission again this year to raise money for this organization, Jakob has been hard at work packaging up valentines and promoting his cause.

Love, Me Boutique is a proud to help out Jakob and Twoonies for Toubabs by selling his Valentine postcards from now until Valentine’s Day.

$2 for a single card or a pack of six for $10.

Need a bit more heart warmth? Check out this slideshow of Jakob’s trip to the Gambia set to an interview of Jakob and CBC’s Shelagh Rogers.



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It’s Not Over Until the Ladies Have Had Their Day Off!

Ah the internet. I am full of interesting factoids and information since becoming a regular of Twitter and blogs. Case in point – today I read Christmas is not over until midnight tonight. On a new to me foodie blog, writer Niamh (love her name) at Eat Like a Girl (again with the sweet name), writes about some wonderful international traditions which officially close out the holidays. My personal favorite is Ireland declaring today a Women’s Christmas. This day recognizes that women work their derrieres off preparing and presenting Christmas that they rarely, if ever,  get a break themselves. This day became a day for the lady folk to rest, eat, drink, and be merry. And to slurge a bit on themselves with whatever remained in the coffers from that years turkey sales.

You may not have sold any turkeys or even prepared a turkey, but don’t you think it is right and proper to declare one day to rest and splurge on yourself. What a great way to close out the manicness that can be the holidays and start the year off right. Seriously! Most of us spend our holidays running around like turkeys about to get their heads cut off and then have to jump back into a New Year full of strict resolutions and promises. Aghck!

Ladies – claim your Irish rights. (Or claim to be Irish.) Take a day to yourself. Sleep in. Drink tea. Eat that yummy January 6th French traditional King Cake. And then head out with the gals and splurge on yourself. Buy yourself a little treat-

a nice soap,

a pretty necklace,

some lovely earrings, some sweet mittens or cozy cowl, a piece of art you love.

Now that is a tradition I think I might start incorporating in my own life. 

Happy Christmas Ladies!


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Woke up to the alarm in the dark. Began the race toward re-entry. “Where’s your backpack?” “Where are your ‘indoor’ shoes?” “Where’s my lunch bag?” It is January and as much as I would really love more jammies time around the tree, it is unavoidable that holidays must end and the new year must begin. While it may take me a few weeks to find my rhythm, I really love the New Year. It is a clean slate. I love putting up a fresh calendar and cracking the spine on a new agenda. The unmarked pages are ready for challenges, for fun, for greatness.

How about you? How was your re-entry to your regularly scheduled programming? If you are needing some inspiration, the shop still has some great calendars and agendas ready for all that your 2012 has to offer. Give yourself the gift of organization and motivation!


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What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

Whether you do it up with LBD (little black dress) or you glam rock in your favorite jeans, I think these are a NYE must have:

They are also available with purple as the secondary colour, a mix of the two colours, as well as other suede or leathery options. Gold baby. That is where its at.

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Happy Holidays

I don’t care what your mama says, Christmas time is here. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Be sure to check out our holiday hours on the right sidebar.

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