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Before I announce the winners to our 1234 Birthday Contest,  I want to thank you all for commenting, posting, tweeting, liking, signing up, and just loving up Love, Me  in general.

And… Now…(that is said in the most perfect deep & smooth announcer voice imaginable BTW) to announce the winners.

The Tweeter who won the draw: @dragonflycraft

The Facebooker (?) who won the draw: Michelle Malette

The Blog Commentor who won the draw: Tanya (Tanya, I have no other way to get a hold of you so I trust you read the blog often?)

The Newsletter Subscriber who won the draw: Ceilidh S.

Each winner won four ten dollar Love, Me Dollars – one for them to use and three others so they can spread the love around to friends. Yah to spreading the love. The winnings are to be picked up in person during the store’s open hours and are not redeemable for cash, can not be used for tax, and will induce a mild spread of happy that could be contagious. Winners can pick up their prizes anytime after this Friday, October 21 (2011).


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