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Dear G&M

Dear Globe and Mail,

Thank you for the article on Worn Journal in this Saturday’s Style Section (Saturday, January 15, 2010; pg 12). Love, Me Boutique is relatively new to the Worn fan club but we now wear our enthusiasm proudly. (We now carry plenty of back issues for others new to the club.) Really – what is not to love? This Canadian bi-annual magazine is everything I used to love about Jane and Paper magazines when I was a teen on the curb of all that was trendy: cool, interesting, smart, funny, silly, not all “here are the products that will make you look skinner/prettier/sexier” and more “here is some great cool stuff you might like”. I love that the fashiony spreads are about art direction, design, and the clothing but not about models or name brands. I love that I can look at the fashion spread and conjur up a bit of inspiration for my own wardrobe without feeling like I need THAT outfit to achieve the same effect. In fact, I love that the clothes can often be provided by artisans or Worn Journal staffers. And I love that this publication is about so many facets of fashion!

Anyhow I digress G&M. I just wanted to thank you for singing the praises of this true independent, DIY publication. Also thank you for the article about men’s hoodies being the new business apparel. It doesn’t really help me in my diversification efforts for my hoodie loving fella, but it was a nice read. (You should really write about CBE Hoodies. They are made in T.O. by a woman named Elly and she has seriously perfected the hoody – big & strong zippers, thick hoody strings, thumb holes, plush fleece, and great colour schemes. We carry them at Love, Me and I adore them.)

Love, Me.


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