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Oh My Mob!

I have been delaying writing this post. I wrote about my initial reactions immediately following the event, but then have let the day sit and nestle into my heart since then.

photographic source: Michelle Doucette

On Saturday, March 10th, Yelp Halifax organized its first ever Cash Mob. The idea is similar to that of a flash mob – people meet up to complete a task and create an event. But in the cash of a Cash Mob, the idea is to meet up and shower a local business with patronage. Participants are not told the location until minutes before they set out to ‘mob’ and the participating retailer is told with just enough time to call in some friends to help and ensure they have change in their cash drawers.

To say the experience was overwhelming is too simple and not heartfelt enough. To have over 100 (joyful) people stand in line for over an hour (on the first gorgeous Saturday since I don’t know how long), has a profound effect on this shopkeeper whose business is so deeply personal.

I think I will just litter this post with links (here) and photos because I have gotten to the point that I have talked about it so much I don’t want it to become over simplified. I think I will just end with a reminder: where you choose to spend your money has an effect. (And if you shop here and read my blog, well I am preaching to the choir, I know… but I feel it can never be said too much, right?) When you shop local, your dollars count. When you get to know the retailers and they get to know you, that is a relationship and that makes a community. It mattered to me that 100 people chose to support me – before they knew they were told that it was Love, Me being mobbed AND after they were told. It mattered to me that people were happy in my shop where I try really hard to create a little piece of happy. It mattered to me that people were thanking me even though I was almost in tears attempting to thank them. It mattered to me that Yelp and others wanted to help me because they see that my wee shop has something to offer. This does not happen in a box/chain stores. Big chains don’t make an effort to remember your name. They don’t care about what you spend your money on. They don’t thank you for realsies when you shop in their store. You are not going to be able to Cash Mob everyone you would like to. You are not going to be able to shop local and independent all the time. But your choices matter. Where ever and whenever you can make them. OK?

photographic source: Michelle Doucette

What I can’t show you is the amount of Twitter traffic #yelpcashmob generated that day. It was the highest trending topic in NS and fourth for Canada. Shut the front door!!

Thank you to all who participated.

Blessings and love to all ya’all.



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Holiday Gift Guide – Crafty Lass

DIY – Do It Yourself (or with a little help from Love, Me): Gifts for the Crafty Lass.

Sewer’s Toolbelt – This holiday season, give the gift of efficiency. This sweet locally made cotton toolbelt from Onecia has lotsa pockets and a pin cushion as well as adorable stitching!

Scissor Necklace – Crafters are a pretty proud bunch. This fun antique looking necklace from Hanami Designs is a great accessory for any crafty lassy (or hairdresser).

Calendar – Any pro crafter needs to stay organized but no regular calendar will work in her studio space. Created by NS artist Susan Black with prints of 12 collaged owls.

Stay-Stitched – PEI crafter/author Erin Arsenault self published this great workbook for beginner to intermediate sewers. A perfect (flat!) gift to mail to any crafter. $20

Wool – This delicious hand-dyed and hand-spun wool by Halifax’s own Dandelion’s Day Dream would be a welcome gift for any knitter or crocheter. Various colours and weights.

Fabric Scrap Pack – Cold winter days are perfect for crafting. Pad her fabric stash with Fabric Packs in aesthetically pleasing colourways. They make a fun add-on gift, stocking stuffer or a gift all its own. $15

Paper Garland – Local crafter Rita Van Tassel’s light hearted novelty bunting will give your crafter a chuckle and a great studio decorating accessory!

Button Collections – Fun button vintage button collections on retro National Geographic cards will delight your crafter – no matter the age. Oh! They make great stocking stuffers. Under $5!

WORTH MENTIONING: If something in this guide appeals to you but you are not local, call or email. Many of the items we carry are truly one-of-a-kind. But don’t fret – you, me & Canada Post can make dents in that list!

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Holiday Gift Guide – Oh Boy!

If you think Love, Me & handmade is just for the gals, boy are you wrong!

Make Art Tshirt – A black organic cotton Tshirt created exclusively for Love, Me Boutique. It is a cool arty version of the basic black Tshirt. $25

Cowl – The practicality moms and grandmas love, with the cool factor he will love. A locally made Pip Robins cowl is available in a variety of cool patterns. $30

Skateboard Art – This gift will grow with your young man from his bedroom, to his dorm room, to his first apartment. Local painter Andrew MacDonald’s colourful Austin Mini, Police Car, and Pickup Trucks  are set against beautiful teals, peaches, pinks, and browns. $75

Glass – Yes, he will most likely put this on the coffeetable without a coaster, but atleast while it sticks to the table surface, it will look rockin’. Local artist Kyla Francis has a some great boy friendly prints, but I love the highball glass with sneakers. $17

Clock – We can’t promise that this clock will keep your teen boy on schedule, but it will look chic and sharp in his room. This wood clock is crafted by Toronto artisan Cameron Maclean.

Poster – This 3-dimensional silkscreened printing of Canadian Geese may have been intended as gift wrap but it makes a cool wall poster. 3-D glasses included. $7 

Not shown:

1″ Pin – Great under $5 gift. Great stocking stuffer. Great flat/affordable “mailable” gift. Great add-to-a-card extra. Assorted 1″ pinback buttons by local White Elephant Button Co. $1.50

Slouchie Hat – Local knitter dropped off some great slouchie hats after this photo went “to print” but it is worthy of a mention. Wooly warmth in perfectly large & slouchy fashion. $40

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Nocturne 2011

Another successful Nocturne event has now come and gone. Love, Me closed for the evening and instead left a big box of chalk out to encourage people to chalk love letters to the city & general messages of silliness throughout the evening.

 When I left to go off and explore some of the projects, there was already some fun additions to our sidewalk and down our street. When I returned at the end of the night, my small block had turned into a beautiful colourful chalk wonderland! The few streetlights and store window lights shone down on a rainbow of drawings and messages (including a proposal!) My only wish is that I could have come back the next day to see the smiles on peoples faces as they discovered our colourful happy Birmingham Street.

I was very thankful to have the opportunity to get out and see some projects this year (outside my own zone and without the pressure to get back in 15 minutes). I was blown away by the varied, amazing projects and the electric atmosphere. My hightlights? Talking to China with the Remote Corners project, the NSCAD students large scale pottery pieces lit and smoking in front of the waterfront campus, the Phantom Limb architecture hauntingly blowing in the wind, Happy Wash, the buzzing honey bee treestump piece, being transported to a Kabul market outside the AGNS, and making berry baskets.  It was such a great night. I am so happy Halifax has embraced this amazing event and can’t wait until next year.

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This Saturday is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. (Hi Papa!) It is also one of the most fun, interesting, and anticipated annual events in Halifax. This  Saturday, October 15 night is Nocturne – Art at Night. From 6pm – midnight our city of Halifax is alive with art and culture projects, installations, and shows open to everyone. If you haven’t been, you need to clear your schedule pronto and make plans stat.

Love, Me Boutique is not only a big fan of Nocturne, we are also one of the Nocturne sites. Every year since we have opened, we have concentrated our efforts on having an interactive activity as well as having the shop open for visitors. In our first year, we had a DIY 1″ button station. In year two, we hosted a portraiture artist (Zach Gough) and a live concert from Mary Stewart. In year three, last year, we pulled off a ridiculously fun photographic session complete with props with help from our friend Shelagh Duffett.

Karen, of Belltristic Buttons, helps a young Nocturne visitor cut out his image and make his 1″ button in 2008.

2010 Nocturne characters, complete with zany props, having a gas in our photobooth.

This year, we are doing something a little bit different.

With a love of smart street art, a crush on chalkboards and chalking, a love of the handwritten love letter, an insistence that Love, Me Boutique have a pARTicipation effort in Nocturne, our store will physically be closed BUT we will have chalk out for Nocturne participants to take on their journey Saturday evening.

This year Love, Me is encouraging pARTicipants to chalk love letters to Halifax / citizens of Halifax throughout their travels Saturday evening. That simple. You. Others. Some chalk. And hopefully, some beautiful messages throughout the city.

hello beautiful by me.

I hope you all have a great night this Saturday. Bundle up, grab a warm bevie and stop by the shop for some chalk. (First come. First serve.) And then get out there and make some art.

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Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?

My big old maple in the backyard is showing off some hues of red. Just in time for the flipping of the calendar to October. Whoa! This weekend is Thanksgiving. Hang on, that is worth another WHOA! Are you ready? Are you ready to begin the season of cozy company and holiday entertaining?

Because we never want to leave you high and dry, Love, Me is offering its services in the department of social etiquette. We recently learned from a reputable source that flowers are a no-no to bring to someone’s home when invited for a meal. (Cut flowers are “work” for your host.) Thank goodness Love, Me has a number of great hostess gift alternatives for you. (Extra bonus – all of these gifts are under $20. Some are under $10!)

These beautiful locally crafted beeswax pear and pomegranate candles are a perfectly thoughtful offering for a fall invite. They are so gorgeous that they would please any host. And perfect for our hurricane and snow storm prone weather.

Birch Bark’s 100% natural, 100% handmade soaps from Yarmouth, NS are a simple and gorgeous offering to any host.

The scents of Organic Carrot, Chai Tea, Rosemary Mint, and Orange Vanilla are so delicious that even if you end up with a Griswald turkey, you could probably snack on the soap to keep you sustained.

We also carry locally crafted wire & vintage button flowers to offer to a scent sensitive host.

And what about for those kiddos? If your host has kids, something for the kids to-do  is a really thoughtful (and appreciated) gesture. Love, Me has a fun collage kit for kids that can keep those kidlets out of their parent/s hair while they are serving up drinks, appetizers, and finishing off the meal. And if conversation begins to dwindle, you could join in the collage making.

We have plenty more ideas up our sleeve. Pop by on your lunch hour. We are open until 7 pm on Friday night and Saturday 10-5:30 if weekdays are too much of a squeeze.

Come on by. Let us solve your hostess dilemmas. We can talk turkey.


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Where in the World??

I love to travel. My favorite travel memories and experiences always happen when I forget about agendas or let go of my map and get lost in an area that feels like me. If I am lucky I find a store like mine that offers handmade goods made in the region and more often than not I leave with a goody or two. But with two young ones and a baby biz, I haven’t traveled in awhile. Instead, I travel vicariously through friends’ photographs on Facebook.

The other day I received a package from not-so-far Ottawa from Urbanite Jewellery. When I opened the package, I was taken on an international journey. And the box of treasures was like a visual, wearable, jewellery souvenir shop from all the stops on this journey.

Urbanite Jewellery’s creator, Krista Leben, creates jewellery stylistically reminiscent of a place and then she packages them on cards labeled with their namesake. There are lacey, leafy “Manilla” earrings, branch and blossom “Victoria” earrings & necklace, and a spherical icey snowball “Banff” necklace. I am mad for the simple modern arty “Chicago” earrings (shown directly below) and the floral “Seville” earrings (bottom image), reminiscent of the amazing floral gardens and moorish “cutout” architectural decor.

Urbanite Jewellery, Chicago earrings

Urbanite Jewellery, Seville Earrings

All the Urbanite pieces are light in weight and pocket (read: affordable). If travel is in your heart but not in your agenda right now, a little piece of Bejing, Casablanca, or Aspen can be yours in the form of some pretty treasures. (What a great justification on buying yourself a treat! You just saved yourself a plane ticket and lodging money sweetheart!)


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