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Oh My Mob!

I have been delaying writing this post. I wrote about my initial reactions immediately following the event, but then have let the day sit and nestle into my heart since then.

photographic source: Michelle Doucette

On Saturday, March 10th, Yelp Halifax organized its first ever Cash Mob. The idea is similar to that of a flash mob – people meet up to complete a task and create an event. But in the cash of a Cash Mob, the idea is to meet up and shower a local business with patronage. Participants are not told the location until minutes before they set out to ‘mob’ and the participating retailer is told with just enough time to call in some friends to help and ensure they have change in their cash drawers.

To say the experience was overwhelming is too simple and not heartfelt enough. To have over 100 (joyful) people stand in line for over an hour (on the first gorgeous Saturday since I don’t know how long), has a profound effect on this shopkeeper whose business is so deeply personal.

I think I will just litter this post with links (here) and photos because I have gotten to the point that I have talked about it so much I don’t want it to become over simplified. I think I will just end with a reminder: where you choose to spend your money has an effect. (And if you shop here and read my blog, well I am preaching to the choir, I know… but I feel it can never be said too much, right?) When you shop local, your dollars count. When you get to know the retailers and they get to know you, that is a relationship and that makes a community. It mattered to me that 100 people chose to support me – before they knew they were told that it was Love, Me being mobbed AND after they were told. It mattered to me that people were happy in my shop where I try really hard to create a little piece of happy. It mattered to me that people were thanking me even though I was almost in tears attempting to thank them. It mattered to me that Yelp and others wanted to help me because they see that my wee shop has something to offer. This does not happen in a box/chain stores. Big chains don’t make an effort to remember your name. They don’t care about what you spend your money on. They don’t thank you for realsies when you shop in their store. You are not going to be able to Cash Mob everyone you would like to. You are not going to be able to shop local and independent all the time. But your choices matter. Where ever and whenever you can make them. OK?

photographic source: Michelle Doucette

What I can’t show you is the amount of Twitter traffic #yelpcashmob generated that day. It was the highest trending topic in NS and fourth for Canada. Shut the front door!!

Thank you to all who participated.

Blessings and love to all ya’all.



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3M: mustaches, movember, and Mary

It is November. A month to remember. A month to write your novel. A month to prepare for winter. November is also a month to grow out your mustache. It is lovely to see Movember gain some substantial traction this year. This movement will hopefully bring more awareness to prostate cancer. Our friend singer/songwriter Mary Stewart is working alongside Movember Canada and offering a fun personalized song to anyone who donates via her Movember Canada page. Oh that Mary – she is ever so clever. She dropped in just before heading out to the photoshoot for her Movember page and picked herself up a mustache on a stick. Doesn’t she look fabulous? We still have more mustaches on a stick as well as mini mustache felty pins. Fun beyond movember, these goodies would be awesome to stuff in a stocking or for a wedding photoshoot, bachelorette party, birthday party, Christmas/New Year dinner party – let’s face it ANY PARTY!




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There was a little frost on the pumpkin this morning. (Seriously. My pumpkin is still on my stoop. Don’t judge. It’s cute and it hasn’t fallen in on itself yet.) It was frosty enough for the (gasp) scraper on the car windshield.

Frosty weather is perfect for a little pip. Ya know? Pip Robins.

Pip Robins is a logical choice when the weather cools off. Designer and creator Gillian Hyde has been making and perfecting her cowls here in Halifax since 2009. After seeing a fella struggle against the wind with a bandana to keep warm, the tubular, over-the-head accessory was born. The Pip Robins line has grown from her signature unisex plaid cowls to include unique, limited edition appliqued varieties as well as lace and  embellished flowers. Gillian takes care to choose sustainable fabrics (often recycled) wherever possible and has a variety of choices from a cozy plaid and hardy herringbones to romantic lace and pretty satin flowers.

Now – don’t those look cozy?? And easy to wear! Come on in and see for yourself.


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Before I announce the winners to our 1234 Birthday Contest,  I want to thank you all for commenting, posting, tweeting, liking, signing up, and just loving up Love, Me  in general.

And… Now…(that is said in the most perfect deep & smooth announcer voice imaginable BTW) to announce the winners.

The Tweeter who won the draw: @dragonflycraft

The Facebooker (?) who won the draw: Michelle Malette

The Blog Commentor who won the draw: Tanya (Tanya, I have no other way to get a hold of you so I trust you read the blog often?)

The Newsletter Subscriber who won the draw: Ceilidh S.

Each winner won four ten dollar Love, Me Dollars – one for them to use and three others so they can spread the love around to friends. Yah to spreading the love. The winnings are to be picked up in person during the store’s open hours and are not redeemable for cash, can not be used for tax, and will induce a mild spread of happy that could be contagious. Winners can pick up their prizes anytime after this Friday, October 21 (2011).

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This Saturday is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. (Hi Papa!) It is also one of the most fun, interesting, and anticipated annual events in Halifax. This  Saturday, October 15 night is Nocturne – Art at Night. From 6pm – midnight our city of Halifax is alive with art and culture projects, installations, and shows open to everyone. If you haven’t been, you need to clear your schedule pronto and make plans stat.

Love, Me Boutique is not only a big fan of Nocturne, we are also one of the Nocturne sites. Every year since we have opened, we have concentrated our efforts on having an interactive activity as well as having the shop open for visitors. In our first year, we had a DIY 1″ button station. In year two, we hosted a portraiture artist (Zach Gough) and a live concert from Mary Stewart. In year three, last year, we pulled off a ridiculously fun photographic session complete with props with help from our friend Shelagh Duffett.

Karen, of Belltristic Buttons, helps a young Nocturne visitor cut out his image and make his 1″ button in 2008.

2010 Nocturne characters, complete with zany props, having a gas in our photobooth.

This year, we are doing something a little bit different.

With a love of smart street art, a crush on chalkboards and chalking, a love of the handwritten love letter, an insistence that Love, Me Boutique have a pARTicipation effort in Nocturne, our store will physically be closed BUT we will have chalk out for Nocturne participants to take on their journey Saturday evening.

This year Love, Me is encouraging pARTicipants to chalk love letters to Halifax / citizens of Halifax throughout their travels Saturday evening. That simple. You. Others. Some chalk. And hopefully, some beautiful messages throughout the city.

hello beautiful by me.

I hope you all have a great night this Saturday. Bundle up, grab a warm bevie and stop by the shop for some chalk. (First come. First serve.) And then get out there and make some art.

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1. 2. 3. 4. Tell Me That You Love Me More.

Many moons ago, when I was a wee early twenty-something, I toiled away for a year at a outdoor gear retail shop as a cashier and sometimes sales staffer, to save enough money to backpack through Europe. In every town I went to on my three month journey, I would inevitably find a shop that was unique and “spoke to me”. I would walk through it lingering over cool product, admiring decor and taking in the atmosphere. Then I would go outside and write notes or sketch in my journal. These compiled notes and drawings made up a grand image of the “one day dream of opening a shop”.

Fast forward to October 2007. With the help of some friends, I sat late into the morning of October 12th, pricing, arranging, and cleaning up my dream shop for its opening reveal the next day. The next morning I could hardly breathe as I got dressed. And when I finally turned the latch to “open”, I thought I was going to throw up.

This was my daughter playing the day I opened. She made herself right at home in the kids section.

October 14th, I celebrate my fourth birthday. And celebrate I will. I weathered some diverse storms here at the shop, including having a second baby. (I shake my head at that twentysomething me that envisioned her one day dream shop with a baby bassinet in the corner and herself managing to nurse, carry, nap a baby in a shop while at the same time manage to keep up with all the administrative, financial, marketing, product management tasks all with a warm soy latte in her hand. HA!) In these four years I have also grown exponentially. I have met lots of great new customers, other wonderful business owners, and engaged in some new and exciting projects. I have worked with some amazingly talented artists and crafters. I have learned some life lessons.

Scenes from my first birthday window.

So while this dream of opening a store has not been easy, it has been so very rewarding. And as I have just finished celebrating another Thanksgiving, I do give thanks.  I am thankful that I took a chance on that young girls dream and that so many of you share in it with your smiles, your enthusiasm, and your support (and yes, your purchases).

And now to celebrate. To celebrate, I am looking to share the love with you and those you love. I have FOUR main methods of communication: blog, newsletter, facebook, and twitter. For the next twentyFOUR hours, I will draw one “winner” from each communication source. Each winner will receive FOURty dollars of  Love, Me bucks split into ten dollar denominations – one for you and three so you can share the love with friends. Details below.

To win FOUR ten dollar Love, Me dollars you must do (at least) one of the following:

  • Leave a comment here in this blog post telling me what you love about handmade goods – purchased here, given to you or in general.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. That’s all.
  • Go to our Facebook Page. Like Us. And then leave a comment on the “post” about our birthday: “I love Love, Me Boutique” (and feel free to tell us why).
  • Follow Love, Me Boutique on Twitter. And then tweet “I love Canadian handmade and I love @LoveMeBoutique.”

1. One prize will be drawn from each of the FOUR entry points: comments to this blog post, new subscribers, Facebook Page birthday post comments, and Twitter tweets.

2. You don’t have to be local to win but we hope the three friends you share the love with are local. The idea is that we find more people to love and for you to share your love of us with people you think will love us back. It is one big love fest!!

3. Love, Me winnings will not be mailed out. They are to be picked up in house.

4. There is no minimum purchase necessary with this gift. Just $10 worth of Love, Me goodness. But these Love, Me dollars are NOT redeemable for cash. Oh – and they don’t count toward tax.

5. This contest runs for twentyFOUR hours. It begins October 12, 5pm and closes on the October 13 at 5pm.


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Basically, we want to be your best friend. We have a few programming tricks up our sleeve and some cool new products en route.  Stop by anytime for a visit. Feel free to also send me an email (lovemeboutique@eastlink.ca)  telling me what you want and need from me. Or you can also just write me a nice note. I like notes.

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