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Holiday Gift Guide – Oh Boy!

If you think Love, Me & handmade is just for the gals, boy are you wrong!

Make Art Tshirt – A black organic cotton Tshirt created exclusively for Love, Me Boutique. It is a cool arty version of the basic black Tshirt. $25

Cowl – The practicality moms and grandmas love, with the cool factor he will love. A locally made Pip Robins cowl is available in a variety of cool patterns. $30

Skateboard Art – This gift will grow with your young man from his bedroom, to his dorm room, to his first apartment. Local painter Andrew MacDonald’s colourful Austin Mini, Police Car, and Pickup Trucks  are set against beautiful teals, peaches, pinks, and browns. $75

Glass – Yes, he will most likely put this on the coffeetable without a coaster, but atleast while it sticks to the table surface, it will look rockin’. Local artist Kyla Francis has a some great boy friendly prints, but I love the highball glass with sneakers. $17

Clock – We can’t promise that this clock will keep your teen boy on schedule, but it will look chic and sharp in his room. This wood clock is crafted by Toronto artisan Cameron Maclean.

Poster – This 3-dimensional silkscreened printing of Canadian Geese may have been intended as gift wrap but it makes a cool wall poster. 3-D glasses included. $7 

Not shown:

1″ Pin – Great under $5 gift. Great stocking stuffer. Great flat/affordable “mailable” gift. Great add-to-a-card extra. Assorted 1″ pinback buttons by local White Elephant Button Co. $1.50

Slouchie Hat – Local knitter dropped off some great slouchie hats after this photo went “to print” but it is worthy of a mention. Wooly warmth in perfectly large & slouchy fashion. $40


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There was a little frost on the pumpkin this morning. (Seriously. My pumpkin is still on my stoop. Don’t judge. It’s cute and it hasn’t fallen in on itself yet.) It was frosty enough for the (gasp) scraper on the car windshield.

Frosty weather is perfect for a little pip. Ya know? Pip Robins.

Pip Robins is a logical choice when the weather cools off. Designer and creator Gillian Hyde has been making and perfecting her cowls here in Halifax since 2009. After seeing a fella struggle against the wind with a bandana to keep warm, the tubular, over-the-head accessory was born. The Pip Robins line has grown from her signature unisex plaid cowls to include unique, limited edition appliqued varieties as well as lace and  embellished flowers. Gillian takes care to choose sustainable fabrics (often recycled) wherever possible and has a variety of choices from a cozy plaid and hardy herringbones to romantic lace and pretty satin flowers.

Now – don’t those look cozy?? And easy to wear! Come on in and see for yourself.


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Parks Party

This weekend Parks Canada celebrates 100 years of service. Because I love both the Canadian outdoors and a good party, I am eager to celebrate. So the question for any party…what to wear?

An outdoorsy camp party uniform is the jeans and tshirt.

Local artist Anna Stowe’s “The Way Home” tshirt is a perfect alternative to a plain or logo tshirt.

A lumberjack cowl by Pip Robins is a must, non?

Then add a wooden Canadiana wildlife themed ring by Anneke van Bommel. Sweeeeeeeet.

And because this is a party, we mustn’t forget our flask. This sweet buck is a Hamilton handtooled and dyed leather covered hip flask from Shoot from the Hip.

I can not find any official Parks Canada celebrational events here in Halifax. But that shouldn’t stop us now. We are are half way there. Now all that is left to decide on is the snacks and the music to accompany the drive. Wondering: what is the quintessential Canadian camp song? Anyone?


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Summer Cowls

Here in Halifax we are experiencing the first non-grey, non-rainy day in about 40 days. (Seriously. I am not kidding.) And rightly so everyone is going mad for it. But we are not out of the woods yet. There are still some light breezes ahead. Which is why I love these summer weight cowls by Pip Robins – summery cotton scarf/cowl/neck accessory. Wear ’em to keep out the draft. Wear ’em for fun. Just wear ’em. (Oh and if you are not a cotton plaid kinda girl we have a few fun silky blousey fabric ones for a more polished work wear look.)


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