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Luverly Cards

Wow! 14 days until Valentine’s Day! Love, Me has done it again in the gifties department. Stay tuned for suggestions and presentations of awesomeness to give, to suggest, to receive, to love, to cherish… But let us start with the foundation of any gift – the card. Our stationary section has some great Valentine appropriate treats in store for you including some vintage photo cards from Broomhill Pictures (photographer Shelagh Duffett), some sweet 1″ button cards (“A is for apple of my eye”, “H is for Head over Heels”) from The Regional Assembly of Text, some fun “You Thrill Me” MJ/ “You are an Angel” FF cards as well as some good ol’ fashion macabre Valentines for a little twist on the “you’re sweet”/brains on a plate theme.


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Let’s Ride Bikes

Here at Love, Me, we’re big bike fans.  Friday employee L-A rides a vintage 1963 cruiser to work when the weather is nice.  And we love just about anything with a bike on it.  That’s why the timing of HRM Bike Week (May 28 – June 6) couldn’t be better: we’ve just filled the store with bike themed goodies!

From a long time Love, Me favourite, Jenna Rose, we have bike-themed pillows and scarves.




We also have her sweet sun hats that fit under your bike helmet.


Working out of a Fire Hall in Lunenburg is Kat Miller, who has screenprinted bicycles on pillows, tank tops, and dresses. 


You can accessorize your favourite biking outfit with a broken-hearted pin by Kat:


Or with pins from Regional Assembly of Text:


You can also accessorize your bike seat (and keep your bum dry) with bike seat covers from Ottawa’s Lilybug:



Summer weather is coming, so tune up your bike and hit the streets in style.


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