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Valentines With Heart

Some people feel that Valentine’s Day is really a cheap marketing ploy to get consumers to spend money during an otherwise quiet lull in consumerism. I happen to like Valentine’s Day. It highlights my favorite colours (red and fuschia), it gives a little silly mock-holiday to an otherwise chilly nothing-else-going-on month, and it is about luv. But for all those skeptics out there, we have a special Valentines card that is full of heart. Love, Me Boutique is happy that we are able to help local youngster Jakob Conrad and his Valentines fundraiser by selling his Twoonies for Toubabs postcard Valentines.

Jakob is ten years old. Last year he joined his Mom on a work trip to Gambia, in West Africa. Wanting to do something for the people of Gambia, Jakob created a Valentines Day themed postcard to sell whose profits could be delivered by Jakob himself on his trip to the Nova Scotia Gambia Association in Gambia. His organization Twoonies for Toubabs raised $3,000 in cards last year. On a mission again this year to raise money for this organization, Jakob has been hard at work packaging up valentines and promoting his cause.

Love, Me Boutique is a proud to help out Jakob and Twoonies for Toubabs by selling his Valentine postcards from now until Valentine’s Day.

$2 for a single card or a pack of six for $10.

Need a bit more heart warmth? Check out this slideshow of Jakob’s trip to the Gambia set to an interview of Jakob and CBC’s Shelagh Rogers.




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Luverly Cards

Wow! 14 days until Valentine’s Day! Love, Me has done it again in the gifties department. Stay tuned for suggestions and presentations of awesomeness to give, to suggest, to receive, to love, to cherish… But let us start with the foundation of any gift – the card. Our stationary section has some great Valentine appropriate treats in store for you including some vintage photo cards from Broomhill Pictures (photographer Shelagh Duffett), some sweet 1″ button cards (“A is for apple of my eye”, “H is for Head over Heels”) from The Regional Assembly of Text, some fun “You Thrill Me” MJ/ “You are an Angel” FF cards as well as some good ol’ fashion macabre Valentines for a little twist on the “you’re sweet”/brains on a plate theme.

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